Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Heaven is a great place

I wrote this for the blog site 

Heaven is a fantastic place that is quite beyond our imagination. It’s eternity spent with God—the ultimate hope for Christians. Heaven has many descriptions, like:
  • The perfect unseen world
  • The dwelling place of God
  • Where Jesus sits at the right hand of God
  • It will be the dwelling place of the saints
  • The city shines like a great stone, clear as crystal
  • The streets are paved with transparent gold
In the Old Testament God used to meet His people in the tabernacle. That was where they knew He would dwell amongst them. Well when we get to heaven, there will be no need for us to go to a specific place because there, God’s Glory will be everywhere.
In heaven Satan will no longer be able to attack and torment people. There will be no remembrance of former sorrows; we are just going to experience pure joy. We will be given new names; new imperishable bodies and we will be clothed in the white robes of righteousness.

Nothing on the face of this earth can even compare to the beauty of heaven. The truth is though, many people mistakenly believe that they are going to end up in heaven one day.
People believe and convince themselves of all manner of things about heaven and tell themselves exactly how they are going to get there. They convince themselves that they will go there for many reasons like:
  • They went to a church
  • They come from a Christian family
  • They were Christened as a baby
  • They were married in a church
  • Because everybody goes to heaven
The parables of Jesus tell us that He is going to separate the sheep from goats and the good from the bad fish. It will be this way because many people have made wrong choices, and have not believed the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In other parables Jesus spoke about the 10 Virgins at the wedding feast, the people who didn’t come to the banquet, the narrow and wide gate and those who put their trust in money, like the rich fool who stored up his wealth. In fact it’s not really any different today. When the time comes for judgement, there is going to be an enormous separation of those who know Jesus and those don’t.

If you know Jesus as your Lord and saviour, one day soon you are going to be there, praising God along with the multitudes, shouting HOLY HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD!
That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. ~ Romans 10:9
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. ~ Acts 4:12

We should not want to go to heaven on our own. 

Like me I am sure that you are looking forward to heaven, but the very important point is that we shouldn’t want to be going there alone. We all know people who hope, believe or have convinced themselves that they are going to end up in heaven. They need to understand the fact that there is only one way that is sure and certain, which is through Jesus Christ. No one else—no method, works or worldly belief system—will get anyone into heaven. It is a fact!

We need to share the gospel with those that don’t know Hesus and pray for people because the simple fact is that in general terms the lost aren’t going to be praying for themselves.

We need to ensure that we are walking right with God and we need to be living righteous and holy lives. Our lives need to be walking testimonies.

Another amazing point to consider is the fact that all those who go to heaven will one day return to the earth when Jesus returns. At that time the earth will an amazing place as well. But that part will be for another blog.

Will you be there and are you going to take people along with you?